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AEPL Project - 2D/3D complex drawings for Aerospace Critical Components Manufacturing.

In record time, aerospace drawings close to 200+ no’s were digitized using latest CAD software creating 2D. 3D highly complex drawings, templates with specifications & schematic diagrams as per Aerospace Industry guidelines. This was one of the prestigious projects for Sona Star as the templates & drawing created by us were used to prototype & produce components for a large International Aerospace Client of AEPL. AEPL team appreciated our work as they could meet their deadlines given by the client.

Sona Versity Project - 5S Audit, Process Engineering, SOP creation with Implementation Plan

Problem statement; Identified wastage of materials, unused Assets, softwares, equipments, furnitures, improper space utilization, improper work flow process, Operational inefficiency, Pest problems due to lac of hygeinic practices.
Suggested & Implemented 5S Audit. Result: Improved space utilization through removal of wastage , NVA’s identified & eliminated, Assets sorted & verified based on usage, Improved Operational efficiency, Reduction in cost, time & efforts, streamlined work flow process, initiated pest control activities. 2nd step: Periodic Audits & Assessments recomended to monitor the course of Operational efficiency. 3rd step: Continous Improvement plan suggested using Best Practices in the Industry to ensure highest productivity, lowest cost of operation, reduction of NVA’s & wastage, Increased performance levels, Optimum utilzation of space & resources.


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Neuro Foundation Project - Domain specific Softskills & Computer Skills training at various levels of hierarchy.

Valli & Co Project – Digitization, Creative image processing, simulation modeling of products with AI, website development with end to end solutions including market place.

Valli & Co Project - Digitization, Creative image processing, simulation modeling of products with AI, website development with end to end solutions including market place.

Products handled: complete range of Interior Furnishings. Problem statement: Customer was using manual ways of showcasing various products to their clients by utilizing manpower, transportation to & fro multiple times carrying the heavy product catalogues thereby wasting valuable time, money & resources. Solutions offered: Website development, Digitization through creative Image patterns & processing of products samples., using simulation of various models linking to product visualization., Coding of Images/Products, Unit pricing, integration of Social Media handles to TGA.

Shresta Agency Project - ERP Trading solutions for Yarn through Web Application.

Problem Statement: No proper system available to track realtime yarn trading. Solutions given: Analytics with backend support, transactions, reports, inventory tracking on real time through a web application developed by us. This project is also ongoing.

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Compiler Design and Optimization
Data Structure
Algorithm Analysis
Computational Intelligence


  • Secretary for CSI Salem Chapter 
  • Nomination Committee member for CSI Salem Chapter 
  • The Best Women Engineer Award by the Institution of Engineers.
  • Selected for 2010 Who’s who in the world, conducted by Marquis, USA.
  • Selected as a potential candidate to represent professional community in the 2010 edition of Cambridge Who’s who.
  • Data Analytics and Solutions Lab (Catalyzed & Supported by SEED Division, DST, New Delhi) – Set up and analyzing experimental case studies related to Breast Cancer Datasets in real-time.
  • Apple Lab for undergraduate students to develop ios app development projects, Collaborated internationally and developing app for English Learning Children through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.