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Sona Star welcomes people from diverse ethnical, cultural and linguistic backgrounds to be a part of its family. Our culture of inclusivity makes sure that such diversity does not create any sort of barriers among the members. We are diligent in equally honouring and valuing the individual and collective contributions of our family members, irrespective of gender or ethnicity.


We at Sona Star believe that the strength of talent and creativity is at the soul of any organisation. We welcome promising, imaginative talent from diverse professional backgrounds and provide fertile grounds for it to bloom. 

We offer all the timely training needed to hone and upgrade the skills & abilities of the members to the latest industry standards. We empower our members to live and deliver Sona Star’s philosophy of being the best and innovative in all its verticals, and are ever open to new ideas from them.

We promise challenging work which involves tackling the frontier problems in every area of our operations, ensuring professional and personal growth.


Our financial remunerations and other benefits are on par with the best in the industry. We are deft and punctual in recognising and rewarding our family members monetarily for their contributions, and promise deserving progression in their professional levels.


Sona Star is invested in the blossoming of its members as complete human beings. Our policies are supportive of the diverse life stages and journeys, beyond the workplace, of every individual member.  We offer flexibility in work to maintain a healthy work-life balance, and care about the holistic health & happiness of every member.

We have a joyous work culture in place in an environment of free and open communication at all levels.  It is not ‘all work and no play’ at Sona Star, as we engage regularly in a host of fun-filled activities beyond work.

We are always on the lookout for fresh talent. Explore the current job openings at Sona Star. If you do not find jobs matching your skill sets, kindly fill in the form below and attach your resume/CV to it. We will get back to you when we have an opening that matches your skills and experience.

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We have immense pleasure in speaking about our employee satisfaction. Our organisation is driven by passionate individuals and our code of conduct follows professional ethics as high order. A career with Sona Star means exploring the opportunities that bounce in the market all across the globe.
It is rightly said that “alone we can do so little and together we can do so much”. At Sona Star, every individual idea, perspective & characteristic is respected and understood, as growth lies in togetherness.
Annually we welcome and appreciate a considerable amount of aspirants who are passionate about building their careers in the field of consulting. If you are one among them, join us and add up to our growing team along with accelerating your personal growth.
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Sona Star Innovation Pvt Ltd
Sona Star Innovation Pvt Ltd

SODA – Sona Digital Analytics

SODA (Sona Digital Analytics) is a term coined by our CEO, Mr. Thyagu Valliappa. It is a term coined after careful consideration of the evolution of digital processes — the practicing of process engineering, process automation, robotic process automation for software-based repetitive tasks, semi-automation with mechanization using sensors, and many more — in the 100+ years of legacy business with four generations of entrepreneurs from the Sona Family.

The SODA team believes that any process can be reengineered based on the outcomes we expect; any process can be automated based on the repetitive tasks & complex tasks that we come across as a routine. When this process is automated with software in the backend, it becomes robotic process automation. These scenarios are quite evident in industries where all the stages can be visualized and relative & relevant processes can be automated without disturbing the workflow. However, this will be achieved by a sure & steady improvement of productivity and a reduction in the non-value added areas and operation costs. The end results are savings in time, money & effort, and thereby a direct increase in profitability. We call it the ARM (Automation, Robotics & Mechanization) Process of SODA.

The SODA team has many projects to its credit wherein the clients have saved immensely due to process reengineering & automation methodologies. One such accomplishment was the construction project executed for Bosch Rexroth. This project was executed in 120 days flat — a record time in the history of the construction industry. This was possible due to our expertise in process reengineering, ARM, data analytics, digital transformation using lean methods, 5S, process audits, and many other innovative techniques and technologies.

SODA is empowered by an astute team ably guided & directed by our CEO to take up any problems that any establishment or industry might have. We happily use the tagline, “Your problem, our challenge”. By understanding the pain points of our clients, we diligently break up the stages of operations and then fabricate an apt solution which is built on the concept of EODB (Ease of Doing Business). The digital landscape not only solves the problem that the client has. but also contributes to the reduction in pen & paperwork, which is the larger objective of SODA.

With India heading for global leadership in digital transformation, SODA surely plays a very small but pivotal role in this direction to enable solutions that are competitive. They can be easily used by anyone irrespective of their technical prowess, in real-time, with 24/7 access anywhere. These solutions are ideally suited for businesses ranging from MSMEs to large corporations to reap the benefits. All our solutions are outcome-based with customized goals to achieve.

The SODA team has built a culture of asking for more when it comes to projects and has become habituated to taking on challenges upfront. The team brims with confidence & assimilates the best talent in the industry. It also breeds young minds from academia that come up with disruptive ideas to solve the most complex problems of today and tomorrow.


Data Mining
Big Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Compiler Design and Optimization
Data Structure
Algorithm Analysis
Computational Intelligence


  • Secretary for CSI Salem Chapter 
  • Nomination Committee member for CSI Salem Chapter 
  • The Best Women Engineer Award by the Institution of Engineers.
  • Selected for 2010 Who’s who in the world, conducted by Marquis, USA.
  • Selected as a potential candidate to represent professional community in the 2010 edition of Cambridge Who’s who.
  • Data Analytics and Solutions Lab (Catalyzed & Supported by SEED Division, DST, New Delhi) – Set up and analyzing experimental case studies related to Breast Cancer Datasets in real-time.
  • Apple Lab for undergraduate students to develop ios app development projects, Collaborated internationally and developing app for English Learning Children through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.