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Track My Sona


FAP - Frequently Arising Problem

Identifying the part

Bringing accountability in change in part

Identifying root cause analysis

Identifying lack of skill

Identifying faulty product


FAP - Frequently Arising Problem

Identifying the part

Brining accountability in change in part

Identifying root cause analysis

Identifying lack of skill

Identifying faulty product

HR appraisal

Track everything you want to improve

The simple act of tracking something brings awareness and intention that wouldn’t be there without it. ” What gets measured gets done.”

Case Study

Client : Sona College of Technology

Project : Track My Sona

Problem statement :  Difficulty in tracking and maintaining assets, and problem identification.
Solutions given : Built and delivered the first ORP (Operational Resource Planning) Mobile Application Platform to track asset and to maintain inventory with pinpoint problem identification through a unique QR Code.

Mr Thyagu Valliappa, CEO, Sona Star, during the ‘Track My Sona’ product launch.

Mr Thyagu Valliappa, CEO, Sona star, discussing TMS with BNI members of Salem.

Mr Pradeep Kumar, Manager Projects, Sona Star, explaining the TMS process to BNI members of Salem.

Mr Pradeep Kumar, Projects Manager, Sona Star, explaining the TMS process at Sona College of Technology.




Can you install TMS in both mobile and desktop

TMS is asset management mobile application developed in concept of using anytime anywhere i.e., 24/7 asset/inventory application.

Does TMS works without internet connection

No, TMS require internet connection

Do you provide online support in case of maintenance and updates

Yes, online support available 24/7

What is the maximum sku’s that can be added in TMS

Sku’s is infinite and you can add any number of assets/ items in any location based on your requirement

Is location precise with GPS tracking support

Unique ID’s itself is mapped with exact location i.e., Pin Point Problem Identification

How can we get additional QR code if required after implementation

 You may contact our customer care with details and we are at your service

Is there demo version available to know more about TMS

For more queries please contact  (+91) 94425 92144

What is the maximum distance that we can scan QR code

It can be scanned with any smart phone upto 10 foots.

Is it possible for us to upload additional sku’s when required

Yes it is possible

After scan is it possible to upload photo/video in TMS

Yes, based on version purchase all this facility is available

What if technician does not receive complaint after complaint is raised

You may contact customer care and your problem will be sorted out at the earliest

What is the escalation criteria and is escalation time fixed or flexible

Escalation criteria is flexi based on customer requirement

Is it possible to download complaint history-category/date wise

Yes, you can download in any format i.e., xls, pdf etc.,

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Data Mining
Big Data Analytics
Machine Learning
Compiler Design and Optimization
Data Structure
Algorithm Analysis
Computational Intelligence


  • Secretary for CSI Salem Chapter 
  • Nomination Committee member for CSI Salem Chapter 
  • The Best Women Engineer Award by the Institution of Engineers.
  • Selected for 2010 Who’s who in the world, conducted by Marquis, USA.
  • Selected as a potential candidate to represent professional community in the 2010 edition of Cambridge Who’s who.
  • Data Analytics and Solutions Lab (Catalyzed & Supported by SEED Division, DST, New Delhi) – Set up and analyzing experimental case studies related to Breast Cancer Datasets in real-time.
  • Apple Lab for undergraduate students to develop ios app development projects, Collaborated internationally and developing app for English Learning Children through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.