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Health is wealth


Health HR

An overview tracking of employees health with basic unit measurements like BP levels, Sugar levels, height, weight, BMI, Health History, etc as part of the profiles. A corporate solution for regular check ups by Healthcare experts from our team can support maintaining Health Reports.


Heart→ HeaD→ HAND

Head, Heart & Hand are the unique indicators for good health in an human being. Head controls the entire functionality of the body and hence needs to be kept in the best health condition. Similarly Heart plays a major role in pumping blood supply 24/7. Hence an important organ in the human body. Likewise hand was always an instrument to guage the health condition of the human body traditionally just like the stethoscope. to maintain a steady course of optimum good health condition a combo of Naturopathy & yoga is recommended. Our team of healthcare experts are equipped to give personalized solutions for maintaining HHH.


Due to modern day lifestyle issues there is a health imbalance which is created, putting human beings into very difficult health situations & if neglected, it goes into very deep health concerns and becomes the cause for incurable diseases. Naturopathy has a very clear path to recovery by administering a combination of traditional medication systems like Ayurveda, Unani, Sidda, Homeopathy & yoga. Our team of Healthcare experts can offer these services with the help of traditional medicines & state of the art infrastructure & facilities.

MSE-Mindset Engg

Most of the health condition off late is related to mental wellness. Keeping Mind in a good working condition there is a process which our team of healthcare professionals have identified & categorised then under MSE.


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ICAN-Certification Prog

ICAN is a word coined by many but applied by few. It is a program developed by our healthcare professionals to bring in commitment to self by saying I can achieve what I want to achieve, I can achieve the goals & objectives for self, I can take any initiatives, so on & so forth…a practical guide to change the way one thinks and manifests the same into action & is further certified by giving case studies to solve, role plays to enact the situation and a project.

Happiness within

Happiness is a state of mind. Our team of healthcare professionals has created a module to program mind, body & the nature to be in perfect harmony.

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Yoga for all

Yoga can be practiced anywhere is the slogan of Sona Star. We renamed it as Soyoga to initiate the yoga practise as a way of life. Yogic program modules have been designed for bringing down stress levels, increase performance levels, agility & flexibility in body movements.

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  • Secretary for CSI Salem Chapter 
  • Nomination Committee member for CSI Salem Chapter 
  • The Best Women Engineer Award by the Institution of Engineers.
  • Selected for 2010 Who’s who in the world, conducted by Marquis, USA.
  • Selected as a potential candidate to represent professional community in the 2010 edition of Cambridge Who’s who.
  • Data Analytics and Solutions Lab (Catalyzed & Supported by SEED Division, DST, New Delhi) – Set up and analyzing experimental case studies related to Breast Cancer Datasets in real-time.
  • Apple Lab for undergraduate students to develop ios app development projects, Collaborated internationally and developing app for English Learning Children through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.